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Meet London


London is an affectionate, gentle young boxer mix. A family adopted him from an animal control facility when he was a baby puppy. They loved London very much, but unfortunately love is not enough. The family did not realize that a puppy needs vaccinations every 3 weeks until its immune system matures at about four months of age. A puppy receives temporary immunity from its mother’s milk, but as the puppy grows that temporary immunity wears off and the puppy must be given vaccinations so he can build his own immunity. London did not receive these shots.  Without his ‘puppy shots” London had no protection against deadly diseases and he fell ill with distemper, a very serious but easily preventable disease. His family nursed him through the illness but unfortunately distemper can cause permanent brain damage and this is what happened to poor London.  He survived the distemper but was left with permanent neurological symptoms.


London’s front legs bob up and down like he is continually dancing. this is most obvious at rest--when he is running and playing in the exercise yard his problem is hardly noticeable. The symptoms are painless and do not appear to bother him.

But now London has lost his family. The terms of their lease changed and they are not allowed to have a pet.  After living as a housedog for the first 8 months of his life, poor London has ended up at our shelter, lonely and confused, wondering why his family left him.

Most shelters would not have taken a brain damaged dog with little chance of adoption. But we are a sanctuary--a place of love for dogs with no other place to go.  We hope someone will see London for the wonderful, sweet dog he is, and give him another chance at having a family of his own.  But if they don’t, we will do our best to make him happy, and give him the unconditional love all God’s creatures deserve.

You can learn more about London at: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/16839466



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