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Meet Sarge

Little Sarge’s life nearly ended on a highway in Louisiana. Hit by a car and left to die, Sarge lay in agonizing pain, one of his front legs crushed, his ribs broken, suffering from pneumonia and dehydration. Luckily, John Thornton found Sarge lying in the blistering heat and rushed him to the vet where he was initially stabilized and his leg pinned. When the extent of his injuries became evident, John transported Sarge to Animal Medical Clinic in Vicksburg, MS where there is a state of the art ICU for the care of critically ill animals. 

There the pneumonia was treated, but the vets despaired of saving his leg and recommended amputation.  But John was not ready to give up and he held out hope for a miracle.  And little Sarge got his miracle! Within a week he was tentatively putting weight on his injured leg, and shortly after that he was pouncing on top of his dog house, using his injured leg for balance!

Realizing that if Sarge’s leg was going to heal, he needed a quiet environment, we approached Cary Page with the idea of fostering him during his recovery. Cary agreed, and Sarge’s life did a complete turn around. He slept in Cary’s bed and enjoyed home cooked meals prepared by Cary’s 80 year old mother Sue.  And with gentle exercise daily in the large backyard, Sarge grew strong again.  Soon I got a call from Cary saying he wanted to make Sarge a permanent member of the family.

From then on, Sarge’s life has just gotten better and better. From a dog left to die on the roadside to a cherished companion, his story is a dream come true. Except for a knot where the bone healed, you would never know Sarge had been injured. He runs through the yard with reckless abandon, dances in circles on his back legs for treats, and is a champion fetcher of toys. Sarge (now known as Sarge Bugle in honor of his classic hound vocalizations) lives a life filled with love, and in true canine fashion he repays that love a hundred times over!


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